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Changes The Way You Listen 

World’s 1st Streaming Audio Player &  Smart Earphone

How to use!
Fuel+ App

No Phone, 

No Connections,

No Problem!

Like no other wireless earphone; Listen to Streaming Music without phone


 Offline streaming Music Player & Earphone


3 Easy Steps  

Music on the GO

You can manage and select your favorite music anytime.

Simply place your GO+ on to the docking station to sync and add music while you charge your earphone. 

manage your playlist on APP
1.Select & Manage
Music Sync and charging
2.Sync & Charge
streaming music on the go
3.Pick Up & Go
Ready to go!

GO+ Innovation All-in-One

Like no other traditional BT earphone

Goplayer, streaming audio player

GoPlayer is designed to play streaming music without a phone, connection or other devices.

fitness tracker, heart-rate monitor, motion sensor

GoTracker keeps track of your activities so you can push even further. Once your heart rate reaches the preset "Maximum Heart Rate" setting, an "Altering Sound" will be board cast to notify you when to slow down.

note:GoTracker HRM powered by Valencell

ambient sound, surroundin sound mixer

GoAmbient keeps you out of Danger by mixing your surrounding sounds with adjustable volume while you listen to your favorite music.

Top Features

Freedom of Choice

Music on-the-go without phone


Fuel+ App

Get the most out of your GO+ earphone with Fuel+ Music fitness app. Plan your next session, select your beats and share your playlists with your friends or training partners

ios APP
Android APP, mobile APP
Fuel+ App

GO+ Innovation

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